Thai Spa Product Exhibition
6 11 February 2007

     Good 4U Co. , Ltd. Had been selected by Thai Export Department and spa specialist from Japan to be representative of Thai Health Care Spa Products to show in Thai Spa Product Exhibition at ASEA-Japan Center (AJC) Tokyo , Japan on 6-11 February 2007.

     We have introduced an exciting new spa product concept base on Thai traditional Health care Knowledge of the 4 element ( earth, water, wind and fire ) of the directors' consideration and were selected as Thai representative to present our 4 element spa products and concept in Tokyo which generated a lot of interest from health and spa enthusiast.

Beauty Trade & Exhibition Association 2007
17 19 March 2007 Utrecht Netherlands

     Good 4U had been awarded Thai Massage & Spa Project by Thai Export Department and Beauty Trade & Exhibition Association to promote Thai Traditional massage and Thai Spa Product in Utrecht , Netherlands on 17 19 March 2007.

     We have presented our 4 element concept and product including Thai manage technicians to the audience. Our boot at the exhibition generated lots of interest and enquiry.

** download : Thai Massage


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