Good 4U was established in 1998, as a company under Vongvanij group that own and manage British Dispensary (L.P.) Co., Ltd. a long established manufacturer and distributor of cosmetics, spa, personal care products, and medicines. British Dispensary (L.P.) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1892 by Thomas Hayward Hayes and Dr. Peter Gawain. Afterward, Dr. Luen Vongvanij took over British Dispensary (L.P.) Co., Ltd., and run the business for more than a century. With the strong intention for Thai people to have a good health and longevity, Dr. Luen have constantly developed companys products to meet with customers satisfaction and high standard. Variety of products manufactured for the customers are researched and developed in laboratory at British Dispensarys factory by an experienced R&D team. In 1999 British Dispensarys factory received GMP Certificate (Good Manufacturing Practices of Cosmetics) for the production of all 6 products categories, ISO 9002, and ISO 14001

Good 4U has been established and successfully launched by Mr. Luenchay Vongvanij, the fourth generation proprietor of the British Dispensary Co., Ltd.

Good 4U has developed a comprehensive range of personal care products, spa products, spa franchise, spa academy and other spa services. Most of Good 4u products are based on the finest Thai Herbs and on ancient knowledge of The Four Element.

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