Jirung Spa of Eternity is the luxury health resort in northern Thailand , ideally located in a tranquil valley at Mae Rim, Chiangmai. This superb spa establishment provides the finest relaxation, therapeutic massage, natural health treatments and tasty, healthy, all-natural spa cuisine.

     At Jirung Spa, the body and mind are rejuvenated by soothing traditional Thai herbs and the exclusive, luxuriating Four Element massage treatments. Only the finest Thai herbs and pure essential oils are used for both healing and pleasure by our highly-skilled masseuses.

Franchise Opportunities

In the dynamic and competitive world of today, stressed-out people need relaxation more than ever. Many people have to get away to their weekend retreats for rest and recreation. Every year, more than 200 million tourists travel around the world. With such a huge number of holidaymakers looking for places where they can simply unwind and relax, there is little surprise that the Spa business has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. The main reason for this is spas offer unique relaxing and pleasurable experience unlike any other. Jirung Spa of Eternity provide exclusive relaxation concept based on energy balance through the harmonizing of the four elements: Fire, Wind, Water and Earth, based on Thailand's traditional healing and herbal knowledge that dates back 2500 years to the time of the Buddha. With the proliferation of spa establishments around the world, Jirung Spa's Franchise offers the competitive edge you require to ensure a business success in your country.

Franchise Advantages

  • The Four Elements Our unique concept of business based on Thailand's traditional healing and herbal knowledge that dates back 2500 years to the time of the Buddha.
  • The Spa Products Our GMP-certified factory, which manufactures a wide range of finest cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, provides the highest quality spa products to enhance the customer's spa experience and total satisfaction.
  • The Service Our well trained and experienced staff will enable you to launch the business with total confident and you can always count on Jirung Spa as a reliable business partner to work together to achieve the common goal of success and profitability.
  • Spa Software Program Basic Spa Operation in a software program: Appointment and Staff scheduling, Client Database, Financial Report, Marketing Promotions, Gift Voucher Management The Four Element Analysis Program for analysis Client Dominant Element.
Product Development Our Researcher Team is fully committed to develop and manufacture products that meet the highest international standards.

Franchise Investment



Range of Investment : 10,000 15,000 THB/Sq M.
Minimum Required Space : 300 Sq M.
Individual Franchise Fee : 4,500,000 THB
(this may vary from country to country)
Royalty Fee : 10% of Gross Revenue
Term of Contract : 10 years
(with another 10 years renewal option)





History and Background

Inspiring from the success of Jirung Spa, the leading Thai premier Spa Thailand and the comparative advantage of Jirung Spa based on the illustrious track record of The British Dispensary Company Limited., a long established manufacturer and distributor of cosmetic, personal care and spa products, J-Spa has been established as a new international brand extension of Jirung Spa which blended together the sensation of top quality Spa around the world. J-Spa is positioned as "Metropolitan Spa" which is the true derivative of the phrase "Best value for customer".

Franchise Advantage

J-Spa mission and main objective is to provide our spa franchise with the best spa model to achieve business success. With our qualified and experienced spa management team, R&D support, training Academy and full range of Jirung spa products base on solid knowledge of Thai Herbs and traditional medicines gained by The British Dispensary Company limited and its affiliated companies for over 11 decades, these objectives can be effectively attained.


Organization Profile

J-Spa is under the direction of Good 4U Co., Ltd., the owner of Jirung spa franchise and our spa products are supported by Perfect Health Solution Co. Ltd Our Company's principle product development objective is to manufacture a wide range of quality and modern health products base on "Thai & international" natural ingredients that are researched and developed by our R&D expert team with years of experience in herbal agriculture and development field. We believe that "good health is good life".


Franchisee Benefits:

Our Franchise benefits surpass any other type of spa services available.
Spa set up, spa concept, spa design, spa image, spa product, spa manual, spa standardization , HR (recruit, train and retrain), financial model, marketing and PR.

J-Spa is determined to provide our client with effective spa model to achieve business success. Our uniqueness and 5 stars standardization are keys to success. Services quality is very much emphasized in our training programs. J-Spa spa products are produced by GMP certified factory that provides highest quality spa products to enhance the customer's spa experience and satisfaction. This success prototype can be repeated anywhere. J-Spa franchise offers the competitive edge you require to ensure a business success in your locations.


Financial requirement

Budget narrative

J-Spa would like to propose a sum of 1,000,000 baht for our total Franchise services (10 years with renewable option)

Franchise Type & Fee Total Cost

- Individual local Franchise Fee 1,000,000 Baht

- Franchise Royalty Fee 10 % base on Gross Revenue (as negotiated)
Capital investment
- Decoration cost (approximate cost) 15,000 / Sq.m. Baht
- Furniture& Equipments 15,000 / Sq.m. Baht
- Pre-opening budget
- Marketing & promotion (as needed base on marketing plan)
Total therapists: 6 persons
Space requirement : minimum 250 Sq.m.
Contract and term : 10 Years renewal
Return of investment: 3 Years



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